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It is that time of year again.... the time when we look around at all the amazing beauty, budding growth and luxury we are surrounded by and are so thankful.

It is also the time in the church's calendar when the community fasts; when it limits the intake of certain foods.

Limiting the eating of chocolate, sugar or meat is a really good idea and makes us appreciate them as luxuries.

The Mean Bean Challenge goes further and asks those of us who take part to live for five days on the diet of those living on the other end of the consumerist slope. This means a limited diet of Oats, Rice, Beans and water ..... that is all - no vegetables, no flavorings, no tea and coffee.

All the details are on the Tearfund Mean Bean Challenge web page but I would just like to add that it is a wonderful thing to do. It is a reminder that the abundance of our shops is at the cost of others. It is also a tiny act of solidarity with those who live right now on even less than the challenge asks and it is an act of self control that has the potential to change habits in the long term.

If you would like to take part then do join up and contact me if you would like to link together. If you feel that you could sponsor the Haven Benefice team (there are a few of us on there) then that would be really wonderful.... just £2 a day would be amazing.

There are sponsorship forms at the back of the churches or you can sponsor the Haven Benefice team by visiting my Mean Bean Challenge Just Giving page.

God Bless


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