Benefice of Seaview, St Helens, Brading & Yaverland
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The Haven Benefice of
Seaview, St Helens, Brading & Yaverland

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Holy Week and Easter Services 2019

The website:

Revd Alison Morley 565975 revamorley(at)gmail(dot)com
Revd Kath Abbott 407830 abbott.kath(at)gmail(dot)com
Revd Barry Downer 867150 barry.downer(at)hotmail(dot)com
Sylvia Beardsmore 612600 sdbeardsmore(at)gmail(dot)com

Benefice Administrator
Sue Whitewick 568761 sthelepete(at)gmail(dot)com

Sunday 7th April 2019 The Fifth Sunday of Lent
St Helen8.00am Holy Communion
[Revd A Morley]
St Mary9.30am Sung Eucharist
[Revd A Morley]
St Peter10.00am Sung Eucharist
[Revd K Abbott]
St John11.00am Sung Eucharist
[Revd B Downer]

Wednesday 10th April 2019
St Catherine9.30am Holy Communion
[Revd M. Taylor]
St Mary10.00am Holy Communion
[Revd K Abbott]

Thursday 11th April 2019
St Peter11.00am Mothers' Union Corporate Communion
[Revd J Carman]
St Catherine6.00 - 7.00pm Contemplative Prayer
[Revd A Morley]

Sunday 14th April 2019 Palm Sunday
St Peter8.00am Holy Communion
[Revd M Taylor]
St Mary9.30am Sung Eucharist
[Revd K Abbott]
St Helen10.00am Sung Eucharist
[Revd A Morley]
St Helen11.00am Eco Church morning working party
St John11.00am Sung Eucharist
[Revd B Downer]
NB Presiding Ministers could change at the last minute

Morning Prayer
The office of Morning Prayer will be said in the Churches as follows:-
Mon. St Helen's 9.00am
Tues. St Peter's 9.00am
Wed. St Catherine's 9.00am
Thurs. St Peter's 9.00am
Fri. St Helen's 9.00am
All are welcome at these services.
NB. Mondays & Fridays are back in St Helen’s Church

Readings for Sunday 14th April 2019 Palm Sunday
Liturgy of the Palms
Luke 19.28-40
Psalm 118.1-2,19-29
Liturgy of the Passion
Isaiah 50.4-9a
Psalm 31.9-16
Philippians 2.5-11
Luke 23.1-49

Worldwide Anglican Church:
Pray for Archbishop Justin Welby; for the Church of Ireland
This Diocese: Pray for Bishop Christopher; Archdeacon Elect Peter Leonard; the Area Dean Allie Kerr; Alison our Vicar; the Parishes of Binstead & Havenstreet
World: Let us pray for the homeless
Island: We pray for our families, neighbours and friends
Sick: Anne, Max, David, Alison, Jill, Joan
Recently Died: Violet Gardiner

All who suffer as a result of natural disasters, or as a result of acts of terrorism, violence or armed conflict.
Our armed forces and their families, and all who work in the emergency services.

Mothers' Union Prayers
As we gather as God’s people today, we worship our righteous Lord and King and pray for his kingdom on earth. May his justice set the captives free and his mercy prevail forever.

Pew Leaflets
Items for the pew leaflet to Sue Whitewick by Wednesday 5.00pm latest, please. By telephone 01983 568761 or preferably by e-mail sthelepete(at)gmail(dot)com.

Benefice Dates

Benefice Book Group
The next book is ‘That was the church that was’… how the church of England lost the English people. This is on the first Monday of the month at 7.00pm in St Peter’s undercroft and on the first Wednesday of the month at 10.45 at St Mary’s Church.

Christian Aid
As we continue the season of Lent, you will find copies of the Christian Aid leaflet "Count your Blessings", at the back of all our churches. This is an ideal way of focusing on the needs of others and acknowledging how fortunate we are this Lent. Please take a leaflet [they are free] & use it to count your blessings & raise money for charity.

Seaview & St Helens Diary Dates
5th April 2.00pm Bereavement Support Group St Peter’s Undercroft
5th April 6.00pm St Peter’s Wedding rehearsal
6th April 3.00pm Wedding of James Mossop & Gemma Potter
8th April 10.30am Bible Study at Sylvia's
9th April 9.30am St Peter’s Church Gardening
15th April 10.00am MU quiet day at Carisbrooke Priory
18th April 12.45pm Funeral of Violet Gardiner at the crematorium

Living the Questions
The informal and challenging theology group watching this progressive study course meets on the third Monday of the month in St Peter’s Undercroft at 7.00pm. All are very welcome, contact Ali for more details.

Eco Church Morning
This work party is on the second Sunday of the month after morning worship at St Helens for about an hour. A time to get hands on with the environmental activities in the churchyard. Contact Ali for more details.

Fund Raising Events
Thank you to all who supported the recent coffee morning at St Peter’s, £204.00 was raised for church funds. The organ recital and Lent lunch also raised £50.00 for the Bishop’s Lent Appeal. This is ongoing during Lent and envelopes are available at the back of the churches if tax can be recovered on your donation. Thank you in anticipation

Street Pastors Alert!!!!
A major source of funding for the Street Pastors is to be withdrawn, which puts the whole charity at risk of folding. If you would like to help financially they would be very grateful to hear from you,, or speak to Caroline Pugh, Dawn Warren or Vanessa Hounsfield.

Bottle Stall
Bottles for the St Helen’s bottle stall at Seaview May Fayre on 6th May are urgently needed. As this is one of the main fund raisers, John & Rose would be very grateful to receive in date bottles of anything. Thank you.

Brading Diary
1st May 10.45am Benefice Book Group Brading Church Hall
13th May 7.00pm Prayer Group St Mary’s Church hall

Brading Events

St Mary’s Prayer Group
This is open to all and is on the second Monday of the month at 7.00pm in the church hall

Sunday Brunch
After church on the 4th Sunday of the month, there will be a free Sunday Brunch for you to enjoy after the service. Please take this opportunity to mix and mingle.

Jumble Sale
On Saturday 13th April in Brading Town Hall at 2.00pm

Brading Churchyard Working Party
Saturday 27th April 9.00am - 12noon. All welcome to help!!!!!!

Pew News 31 March 2019

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