Benefice of Seaview, St Helens, Brading & Yaverland
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Seaview, St Helens, Brading & Yaverland

Rev Ali Morley
01983 565975 / 07500 007437

Associate Priest
Rev Barry Downer 01983 867150

Lay Reader and Local Minister, Seaview
Sylvia Beardsmore 01983 612600

Benefice Administrator
Sue Whitewick 01983 568761

In line with present regulations, please wear masks at all times during our services.
Please click here for further information about our new service arrangements.

Sunday 1st November 2020 [All Saints]
St Mary's9.30am Holy Communion
[Rev A Morley]
St Peter's11.00am Holy Communion
[Rev A Morley]
Wednesday 4th November 2020
St Catherine's9.30am Holy Communion
[Rev M Taylor]
Sunday 8th November 2020 [Remembrance Sunday]
St Helen's8.00am Holy Communion
[Rev M Taylor]
St Peter's10.45am Outside Witness
[Sylvia Beardsmore]
St Helen's10.45am Outside Witness
[Rev M Taylor]
St Mary's10.45am Outside Witness
[Rev A Morley]
St John's10.55am Remembrance
[Rev B Downer]
Wednesday 11th November 2020
St Mary's9.30am Holy Communion
[Rev A Morley]

Readings for Sunday 1st November 2020
All Saints'Day

Revelation 7.9-end
Psalm 34.1-10
1 John 3.1-3
Matthew 5.1-12

Readings for Sunday 8th November 2020
Remembrance Sunday

Amos 5.18-24
Psalm 70
1 Thessalonians 4.13-end
Matthew 25.1-13

Worldwide Anglican Church:
  Pray for Archbishop Justin Welby and for the people of the Province of West Africa
This Diocese:  Pray for Bishop Christopher; Archdeacon Peter; Area Dean Amanda; our benefice Vicars Alison & Barry; the parishes of All Saints, Gurnard with St Faith, Cowes & St John the Baptist, Northwood
World:  We pray for everyone in the world suffering in this time when the pandemic is spreading far and wide
For all schools, colleges and university students and staff most of them in lockdown with the pandemic
Island:  For all business owners and staff under threat, and for the many now seeking employment
Sick:  Anne, David
Recently Died:  Lynn New, Molly Cherverton, David Llewellyn

We pray for all who suffer as a result of natural disasters, acts of terrorism, violence or armed conflict; for our armed forces and their families, and all who work in the emergency services.

Thought for the Week
Christian Hope   As adopted children of God, we know this world and this life is not the whole story. We are children of eternity, living in the faith that this life does not finish at death, and our true spiritual home is in heaven, towards which we are walking as joyful pilgrims.

All Souls  Unfortunately, due to present restrictions, there will not be an All Souls service this year. However, the churches will be open and welcoming on All Souls Day, 1st November. Please do come in and pray, and light a candle for your loved one.


In light of the new guidelines and looking towards a winter of caution and restrictions I would like to let you know the following.
The Haven Benefice will just be organising the Sunday rota of services and the Wednesday communions. No other social activities, groups or events will be restarted at this time. This will be reviewed in December.
The St Mary's Market will continue to operate with tighter controls on social distancing and volunteer bubbles and there are still opportunities to be part of that volunteer team should you wish.
Rotas for intercessions and Readers are in place in some churches and they will remain for the time being. I had thought to allow small choirs but in the light of heightened risk this will not commence before December.
This is not a lockdown, just a slowing of the opening and it is what we expected. Please stay safe and well.
God Bless

Pew News 25 October 2020

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