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Service Arrangements

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★ ★ The information below was last updated to reflect practices in force when services resumed at the end of March 2021 during the phased exit from the third national lockdown in response to the Covid-19 pandemic ★ ★

In line with current regulations, please put on a face mask before entering the church building and continue to wear it until you leave.

As you enter you will be asked to give a telephone number so that you can be informed if there is an outbreak of the virus although this is entirely optional.

You will be able to take a service sheet and return it after the service as these sheets will be quarantined for the intervening two weeks between services.

The pews that can be occupied will be clearly marked and you are advised to sit two metres apart.

The service will have music but no singing, although we are allowed to have a small choir, so that may delight you on some occasions.

The Bread of our shared communion will be brought to you or distributed in a single line, depending on the layout of the church.

In order to protect our most vulnerable attendees and assist with our cleaning, the churches will be closed from the Thursday before each Sunday service to ensure that the space is COVID free.

If you feel vulnerable then do please feel free to come in to the church and find a secluded space up to half an hour before the service. Our priority is your safety and our desire is to gather in fellowship again.

Please call me if you have specific concerns.

07500 007437

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