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Theology Group

Our Living the Questions Group transitioned to our Theology Group in September 2019.

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A Theology Evening Meeting at 7pm on the third Monday of every month in the Undercroft of St Peter's Church, Seaview

This is the gathering for you if you would like to expand and deepen your horizons.

But it will also be accessible and light.

For the Autumn season until Christmas the Group will be using material drawn from the 1980s BBC series the Sea of Faith by Don Cupitt.

This fascinating exploration into the western worlds' loss of Christian faith is being updated by Ali into a new interactive course with video clips and lots of time to chat.

It will give us a nice basis for understanding how the church is now where it is and we will debate together a way forward for the teaching of Jesus in the Spiritual age we now live in.

The next meetings of this Group will be on Monday 18 November 2019.

Please call Ali for more details and to register your attendance if you wish.

This is a drop in evening with stand alone material so do feel free to pop in any time.

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