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23rd January 2022

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Sun 23rd January 2022 Third Sunday of Epiphany
St Helen's9.30am Sung Eucharist
St John's11.00am Sung Eucharist
St Helen's3.30pm - 5.00pm Eco Church

Sun 30th January 2022 Candlemass
St Mary's10.00am Benefice Service

This Week - What's On

The Conversion of St Paul
Tue 25th Jan 5.00pm
St John's

Level Land Larder
10.30am - 2.00pm
10.30am - 1.00pm
St Mary's Church Hall

Contemplative Prayer
Thurs 27th Jan 6.00pm
St Catherine's

Mid Week

Morning Prayer
Mon & Fri 9.00am

St Helen's
Tues & Thurs 9.00am
St Peter's
Wed 9.00am
St Catherine's


Wed 10.00am
St Mary's
Morning Prayers

Forthcoming Events

Presentation of Christ in the Temple
Wed 2nd Feb 5.00pm
St John's

Benefice Book Club
Fri 4th Feb 2.00pm
St Catherine's Chapel
Contact Catherine Davis
07940 826034

The Haven Benefice of Seaview, St Helen's, Brading & Yaverland


The historic and peaceful church of St John the Baptist, Yaverland is open all weekend.



Rev Barry Downer 01983 867150

Sylvia Beardsmore 01983 612600

The Rev Ali Morley

To contact the Vicar call 07500 007437 or email revamorley(at)gmail(dot)com



Friends of St Helen’s
This is now up and running.
A bank account is now open and donations to this fund are very welcome.
All money received will be put to the fabric and restoration of St Helen’s Church.

Flowers at St Helen's
We would like to hear from anyone who would like to join our little band of St. Helen's Church Flower arrangers, no experience needed, just a love of flowers. The cost of flowers can be reimbursed if needed. Please contact Margaret on 01983 874466 .

From St Mary’s PCC
For nearly two years the Covid pandemic has affected everyone, changing how we interact with families and friends. How we meet and greet each other. Where and who we can meet up. We are all still mindful that even though there is a vaccine to combat Covid the virus is still with us. Apart from how each of us, as individuals, have been affected many businesses, both large and small, have had financial hardships with some not being able to carry on. St. Mary’s church was no different to the Covid impact. For many months there were no services, no fund raising but still bills to pay. Fortunately we now have two services a month and before Christmas had the tree festival and concert. Unfortunately, having missed out on nearly 2 years of fund raising we have very little financial reserves. We cannot meet our monthly outgoings. How to help? Publicise and support our future fund raising activities. Maybe increase your church giving; just imagine everyone giving £10 per service what a vast difference that would make! The PCC are looking to cut down on our monthly expenditure. Is anyone prepared to do our financial book-keeping? Not too onerous a job which would save us £140 per month. Give it some deep thought.
Your Church needs you. Contact Nigel on 01983 406817.

Vicar's Blog
This week has been PCC week and lots of discussion about what the role of the church should be and how we use our buildings. I have also been visiting folk and we gathered in the Benefice Pastoral group to pray for those in need and check who might like a visit in the month to come (do let me know if you would like to be part of this gathering). A couple of wedding chats this week reminds me what a privilege it is for our churches to be such a central part of the life of our communities; a place that offers blessing in the name of unconditional love. There was then work on the ongoing discussion about a possible lease of the community centre in St Helens, from the church to a community trust, with a lot of questions, legal jargon and advice from the Diocese. (if you want to know more about this do ask me). Then of course as you can see there was designing and creating this new Pew News format. We would like your comments as it will be evolving for a while. Thank you so much to Liz for the designing and Victoria for the graphic design and production. The week rounded off with a day spent messing about with teenagers at the farm and working out a breeding program for the animals and grant applications with our volunteers ….And this Sunday there will be the fun of our eco church gathering at St Helens at 3.45 all welcome, I thank God for all the amazing people I have met this week and the opportunity to serve at the heart of our wonderful communities.
Rev Ali

Pew News 16 January 2022

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