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The Reopening of our Churches

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Our parish churches of St Peter (Seaview), St Helen (St Helens), St Mary the Virgin (Brading) and St John the Baptist (Yaverland) have now reopened for private prayer, and for anyone who is seeking peace and stability during these unsettling times.

St Peter's, St Helen's and St Mary's are now open every day from 11am to 5pm, and St John's on Saturdays and Sundays during the same times.

Notices are on display at each church detailing the rules with which you must comply in order to reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission, including making use of a hand sanitizer provided at the entrance and respecting the requirements of social distancing.

Some areas of the churches have been closed for the time being to provide secure places for our volunteers to carry out their duties and for ease of cleaning, and you are asked to please respect this by not crossing any barriers or opening gates or doors.

'One Way' systems are in operation at St Peter's and St Mary's, and at St Helen's you are asked to kindly wait outside if someone is praying until you are sure that they are comfortable with you entering.

You are also free to use the open spaces provided by St Peter's garden and St Helen's churchyard to meet and chat with friends or to sit for a picnic whist observing social distancing.

Please click on the following to find our parish churches on Google Maps.
St Helen's | St John's | St Mary's | St Peter's

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