Benefice of Seaview, St Helens, Brading & Yaverland
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St Helen's Tricentenary Appeal is close to reaching its target! Please click here to learn more.           St Helen's Tricentenary Appeal is close to reaching its target! Please click here to learn more.

Welcome to the Anglican Parishes of


Services Sunday 23rd February 2020

8:00am Holy Communion St Peter's, Seaview
9:30am Sung Eucharisr St Mary's, Brading
10:00am Sung Eucharist St Helen's, St Helens
11:00am Prayer & Praise St John's, Yaverland

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St Catherine's | St Helen's | Old St Helen's |
St Helens Village Green | St John's | St Mary's | St Peter's


Please visit our Photo Gallery to see how we decorated our churches for Christmas and for a link to photographs of St Helens Vilage of Angels.

Providing a spiritual harbour for ALL
Drawing of Ship

Welcome to our Haven of churches here in the east of the Isle of Wight.

Photograph of St Helen's taken from the west
Drawing Showing the locations of the Anglican Parishes of Seaview, St Helens, Brading & Yaverland on the Isle of Wight

Whether you are a resident of the Isle of Wight, a visitor to the Island, or contemplating a future visit, we hope that our website will provide encouragement and inspiration for your journey - be it physical, spiritual - or both!

You will find here all that you need to know should you be contemplating a wedding or baptism. Remember, if you live in these parishes, or have a parent or grandparent living here or a strong connection, you can be married or have your christening in one of your beautiful churches.

We also provide pastoral support and a place for you to remember those who have died. Everyone living in these parishes may have a funeral in one of your churches and a permanent place of rest in one of the churchyards, and we will strive to help you prepare the service with a real sensitivity to the needs of your family.

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St Helen's has been awarded a grant by the
National Churches Trust.
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Saturday 29th February 2020
12.00noon - 4.00pm

Why not brighten up your Saturday with an afternoon of crafting?
Share and learn new skills and make gifts for Easter
Image of ball of wool with knitting needles Image of artist's palette's palette Felted Soaps, Decoupage Pots, Wax Wrap Making, Egg Painting, ‘Craftism’ Embroidery and Knitting!
Soup lunch and refreshments available
Donations accepted towards the cost of materials and soup if you are able
No age limits
All welcome

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